Welcome to Our Living Poetry Project!

Burning River Baroque is hosting an ongoing virtual poetry project aimed at making it easier for musical composers to access texts about pressing social issues by contemporary poets. This invaluable resource will provide a venue for showcasing the works of under-represented authors who are not able to easily access publishing.


Poets, please submit work by clicking the button below. Your work will be uploaded to a forthcoming public repository connected to this page.  All submitted poems and authors can be tagged by topic(s) and identity. 


Please note that all poets must provide contact information with their submission so that if a composer is interested in setting your work, they may contact you.   


I verify that the poem(s) I am uploading are my own creative work, and therefore I have full permission to share them. Additionally, I do not hold Burning River Baroque responsible for any misuse of my work that may occur.

© 2020 by Burning River Baroque

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